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                You?Position : Home  



                Principal: Zhang Xu
                Tel: 0831-8246314;0831-2239386
                Fax: 0831--8214510


                Excellent technical strength and high R&D capacity
                Founded in 1994, Yibin Xinton Electronic Material and Appliance Factory is a professional manufacturer producing 400,000 high-voltage transformers for various applications, such as igniter, high-voltage transformer, ignition transformer, ignition coil, flame detector, ultraviolet probe and ignition electrode, and 500,000 ion bars. The company has excellent technical strength, possesses various professional technical talents, and has very strong new product development capacity. The quality is strictly controlled in each process, from raw material to processing, assembling, aging, testing and packing, and the operating procedures in each stage are strictly followed. ISO9000 standards are strictly implemented in the process of perfecting quality assurance and advanced matching production technology. Meanwhile, a complete control method is established, and praised by users.
                Quality assurance, 1,000,000 pieces/year and export to multiple countries 
                The products are extensively used for high-potential therapeutic instrument, insecticidal lamp, environment-friendly combustion equipment, electrostatic equipment, medical equipment and fuel and gas heating equipment, such as combustion engine, combustor, burner, fuel and gas warming machine, wall-mounted boiler, fuel and gas kitchen equipment, industrial furnace and electrostatic dust collector.